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The Samara company "Start-Partner" dates back to 1997. Initially, the company offered its services at the anti-theft car servicing market in Samara. Today, the company has its own office area of over 200 square meters, two technical centers in Samara and the staff of more than 100 people (the Samara office). The company "Start-Partner" is the largest representative of such well-known Russian and international brands as StarLine, Dragon, MS-Chip, CobraConnex, Acoustic, Kevlon, CTP-GmbH and others, in the Volga region, having branches in five cities.

Our services

We are working in two directions:

1. Implementation of technological solutions in automotive sphere, based on the own technical centers and the technical centers of our partners. We pay special attention to monitoring the service quality and our staff qualification. When introducing a new product, all the company specialists are trained to a multi-stage implementation with a practical approach. You can be sure that from our side there will be no technical defects in mounting the products that you are offering to supply.

2. Realization of product solutions for cars of different brands through a dealer’s network of the required brands in the Volga region. Today, we are working with all car dealers in the region. We carry out the whole cycle of introducing the new products, ranging from signing a contract with the dealership, and ending with staff training and motivation. We have an established system of interaction that enables to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

We take care of all the issues on working with claims and warranty cases!


We are proud to work with the following automotive brands:

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foreign partners

We are ready to consider any proposals for entering the different automotive products at the Russian market. The only constraint is that we do not deal with auto spare parts and consumables. Our activity is vehicles’ modernization.

For example, for such cars as Toyota LC 100/200 and Toyota Prado 150, we can sell the tuning ceramic brake system with reinforced pipes, which greatly improve the braking performance. This is especially t actual when mounting the MS-Chip, which increases the dynamic parameters.

Please send us your product description and the conditions for cooperation for the email address: vns@start-partner.ru. Time for reply is 10 working days. We will contact you for further details and answers.

Advantages of working

with us

Many years of experience in successful implementation and realization of new products of automobile subjects, often unknown to the Russian market

Efficient system of interaction with the Volga car dealers

In-house technical centers, technical centers of our partners

Our staff includes more than 100 qualified specialists

We are working with claims and warranty cases



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